Tips For Choosing Your Kind Of Jeans

If you want to wear jeans in a way so that it suits your figure, you need to be conscious about few things.  Few tips have been described below for your convenience, so that you can get the one that suits your figure. While purchasing jeans if you keep these points in your mind, the jeans that you will get, will give you the feeling of “second skin” and you will feel stunning.

There is a wide variety of jeans designed for all figures. As there are many women who have big butts as well as on the other hand, many are there who have small butts. So, keeping these points in mind the jeans are designed. Below based on your figure the tips are given that you need to follow while purchasing jeans:

For big butts:

  • To avoid the attention to your behind’s size, buy jeans without embroidery on the back pockets or any embellishments.
  • As small back pockets jeans can make your butt look bigger, so do not get such jeans.
  • Buy the jeans which have high rise in the back as well as low rise in the front, as it will go perfect with your figure.

For small butts:

  • Buy jeans which back pockets are higher than the regular level, as it can lift your butt.
  • Buy jeans that have embroidery as well as graphics on the back pockets, as it can give some volume to your butt.
  • The pockets of the jeans should be flap pocket.

For wide hips:

  • Buy jeans with mid-rise as it will give compliment to your curves.
  • Straight-leg or trouser-leg cuts jeans will look great on you.
  • Do not buy boot-cut jeans.

For belly:

  • Mid-rise jeans can be the best for you.
  • Trouser-leg jeans can be the ideal one, as it will leave your tummy unnoticeable.

For petite:

  • Do not go for cuffed jeans as they will make you look shorter.
  • Along with high heels wear the jeans with straight-leg cuts.

For tall:

  • Get the jeans with low rise as it will look great on you.
  • You can also select long and extra-long models.

Now, it is no longer you need to worry about your body size for wearing jeans. As there are so many options open for you just follow them and get the jeans of your size as well as style. Following the above tips you can buy jeans from designer as well as branded companies.

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