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Accessories to Complement Your Maxi Dress

Maxis these days are more glamorous, more sophisticated, and more polished than before. It is made up of fabrics like lightweight cottons, beautiful silks, and chiffons. It is still the flowing dress that reaches the ankle of the one wearing it. Colors are bolder and patterns are sleeker. With these changes, there’s no reason why maxi caught the attention of fashionistas and women again.

Aside from being an eye catching fashion trend, maxis are loved because of its versatility. Women can wear it casually during the day and then transformed it to a classy dress during the night. Wear it with flats and a little bit of accessories, it’s perfect for a casual day. Add bold wedges, some belt and earrings, and it’s ready to hit the evening party. Slipping from day and night events means changing accessories! Moreover, accessorizing is surely an enjoyable task as it doesn’t just make the wearer look good, it is also a way of showing her personality and expressing herself.

Here are some tips when wearing a maxi dress and choosing the best accessories for them:

Going to the beach

Beach Maxi Dress

If you want to stand-out: Opt for vibrant colors and bold prints. It goes with colorful stripes or psychedelic designs. Since flashy prints are already striking in appearance, a good technique in accessorizing is to make sure that the shade of the accessories matches the color of the print. It will keep the attention on the striking dress.

Black is Out, Navy is Better!

If you are trying to stay away from black colors but don’t want to give up the “dark” side, navy blue is the new color to explore. Check these top picks from lillypulitzer.com:

1. Alden Lace Tunic Dress

Alden Lace Tunic Dress

Who says summer dress can’t have sleeves? This one has a 3/4 length lacy sleeves. The V neckline has detailed embroidery for a classical beauty. The geo circle knit lace is so fresh for all day wear.

2. Augusta Shift Dress

Augusta Shift Dress

This halter shift dress has a notched neckline and lace trim details. The combination of navy blue and gold makes this dress ideal for important events. The gold geo circle horizontal prints add a more stunning look.

Vintage Mini Dresses 2015

Mini dresses are already part of the fashion industry since 1970’s but only now that women are starting to warm up with it. Mini dresses are dresses that are usually 4 or 5 inches below the knee, a length that is shorter than what women are used to. It can be in the form of strapless, sleeveless, and halter styles.  Women who wanted to try wearing mini dresses should first take their height into consideration. Mini dresses highlight the length, so the height of the one wearing it should be considered.

For petite women: If the mini is cut very short, the height of the one wearing it may increase with the right touch of modesty.

Vintage Mini Dresses for Petite Women

For tall women:  Long legs of the tall women may appear longer with mini dress. A mini dress cut for a woman with regular height can look like a micro-mini when worn by a tall woman. When shopping for mini dress, the key is to not go for too short or to be sure, get the skirt length measurement.

Vintage Mini Dresses for Tall Women

If you are ready to try something new with the use of old styles, think about having the maxi dress, bubble dress, or the mini dress. Recycling is not only for the Mother Nature, but as well as for the fashion industry. As what Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal”. Fashion fades and loses its brightness but the style continues to be reinvented to fit today’s trends.

Image credit: asos.com

Fashionable Suits for Women

A woman is one multi-faceted creature that can change her aura in just one minute to keep up with the changes around her. One of these changes that are quickly happening around her is fashion. Depending on her mood and preference, her appearance might be different all of a sudden because of the fashion she is projecting. Take a look at the many options they can choose from when it comes to their fashion sense.

Casual Wear Set for Women

The Casual Wear
These types of fashion for women would mean sexy shorts or denim skinny jeans matched with a trendy top. Some women boast of their fine skin, long and toned legs, so they can easily pull off wearing hot shorts that flatter their lower extremities. While others would just slip theirs in skinny jeans that would boast of their behind and fit thighs, they can still stand out because of their curves being emphasized. Wearing these types of shorts and pants need extra caution because the footwear they choose should complement the entire attire. A detail like this that is missed might make a fashion police ask you to pull over.

Full or Short Skirts?
Depending on the occasion, skirts will do so many wonders when worn by women. Full length skirts are best worn in formal occasions and special work-related gatherings. For women that have rounder figures long skirts might work for them better as this would create an illusion that makes them taller and leaner.

Knee-length skirts come in different variations and the two most common cuts are the A-cut and the pencil-cut. Printed A-cut skirts go more with the casual type and the pencil-cut is more applicable in the workplace. Match either the A-cut or the pencil-cut skirt with a classy blazer when going to the workplace and this will create such a vibrant professional look.

Be careful when these skirts are printed or have vivid colors as only plain tops can match these without straining the eyes. These skirts also give full exposure to the knees down, so it will be the best time for the footwear to shine. Nude-colored high heels, wedges, stilettos or clogs can be worn when going to the workplace and boots might do the trick for the more casual mood.

Formal Trousers for the More Professional Look
Women are all over the working place from the executive positions to the rank-and-file ones. It is very important that they exude confidence especially the way they wear professional outfit. There are formal trousers or full length skirts to go with this sense, but nothing beats a business suit that comes in a three-piece form of clothing. There is the blazer, the inner long sleeve top, and the trousers. Black and white is the common business suit, but as bold as this new era’s fashion is some might even come in brightly hued colors.

There are also accessories that will fit a woman when wearing the more professional work attire. There are metal-plated chains they can wear to define their waste, bangles or cufflinks at their wrists or thin silver or white-gold chain around their necks especially when their suits are plainly colored.

All-day Wear Tips
Leggings, tights and Capri pants are also fashion wear that are comfortable for women especially when they will be running errands the whole day. Matching these leg-wears with loose printed tops will do the trick. These can also be matched with layering tops to create a trendier look. For a classier look but without losing the comfort, women can opt to wear blazers, cardigans of cover-ups with a waist-defining belt. Necklaces that do not overwhelm the upper part of a woman’s fashion can also do the trick when accessorizing. Do not forget the bags, clutches or purses. These accessories can be designed in vivid colors all they want because this alone can make a statement in their wardrobe when they failed to accessorize on some parts. And when applicable their umbrella can also do the talking during the rainy days. Take a pick in this wide array of fashion sense as a woman, and they will surely find it easy to be multi-faceted creature they really are.

Getting Ready for Your Prom Night

Prom night is one of the biggest events in your student’s life. Make the most out of it by getting ready for this special day.

  • Two weeks before your prom night, make sure that your prom dress fits you perfectly. If it needs some alterations, this is the right time to adjust your dress.

Pink Prom Dress

  • If you like flowers for your prom night, make a reservation for your corsage from a flower shop near you. It will look more beautiful if you match the color of your dress with your corsage.
  • If you are doing your own hair, there are many new hairstyles to choose from on the internet, which are very helpful. If you have a hair stylist, try a few hairstyles that are suitable for your look.
  • A week before your prom date, be sure that all your reservations are accomplished including your prom dress, shoes, accessories, dinner reservations (if you have) and transportation.
  • On the day before your prom night, you need to give yourself some treats. You can go out with friends, get a massage or go to the spa for relaxation, watch movies and other things that will help you relax.
  • The day has come for your big prom night, be ready to go to your favorite salon for your hair, make-up and manicure/pedicure.  Then, wear your much awaited prom dress with the matching shoes and accessories to look great.

Try to keep all these in mind. These will help you to prepare correctly and keep you in the right direction before your prom night. If you follow them, they will be make things easier and keep you well prepared for one of the most momentous occasions of your life as a young adult.

Image credit: dressespicture.com

Know the Right Bridal Gown for You

Here are some tips in choosing the perfect bridal gown for your wedding:

Picture yourself in them

The majority of wedding gown stores usually have large-sized gowns so customers can wear them without any damage done. Sales assistants will need to use pins for smaller-framed customers for the fitting. This can mean an excess of fabric and the dress becomes unruly but you shouldn’t be discouraged if this happens.

Asymmetrical Wedding Dress

Consider your bridal theme

Certain designs can be adaptable enough to suit any bridal theme, though if you’re planning a more traditional type of ceremony, obviously a modern design will not do. Carefully consider the general shape, hue and time period that your gown shows in order to make sure it will work with the theme of your wedding. When you find the perfect wedding gown, you can change your mind about the theme and color of the ceremony.

Always be practical

Although we generally don’t think of wedding gowns as useful, we should always think about certain aspects of the wedding that may affect it:

First is the climate or weather condition of the venue since a thin lined dress may not be suitable for a winter wedding, so a bigger dress may be more appropriate. In the same sense, light dresses are ideal for warmer months or if the venue is in a tropical country.

Second is the length of the gown if, for example, the venue is outdoors and you are wearing a long train it will get damaged in a few minutes, worse if it rains suddenly.

Last is how comfortable the dress is since you’ll be wearing it for quite a few hours, sometimes the whole day and you want to be as comfy as possible while also being stylish and classy. You don’t want any seaming or other material underneath showing during your first wedding dance.

Remember your accessories

A few brides like to accessorize their wedding dress to make it more beautiful. Some dresses may appear amazing when a highly embroidered lace veil attached to it. Others like to wear super-high heels combined with a high hemline to achieve an eye-catching effect. The dress itself is essential of course, but we can always enhance it with a few accessories like tiaras and long gloves that evoke class and elegance.

Lingerie: Matching Sets

Lingerie and undergarments are usually interchanged by most. Both are worn underneath the clothes. The difference is that undergarments are worn to make the woman feel comfortable whereas lingerie is worn to make the woman feel attractive herself. Lingerie is not just a sexy piece of undergarment. It has the ability to give a woman confidence even if nobody sees it.

Every woman wears lingerie but why is it that buying one seems a scary and awkward task for most? This results to paying for something that doesn’t fit well and makes the one wearing it uncomfortable. Remember that even the most beautiful and expensive dresses would make a woman uncomfortable if she doesn’t have the proper inner wear beneath.

When shopping for lingerie, the key is to have confidence within. It’s not about the body size; rather, it’s about how comfortably it fits. When shopping, keep this mantra in mind: “Size doesn’t matter, fit does”. First thing to consider is how you feel about your body – are you shy, proud, or modest about it? Remember that lingerie should boost your appearance but not at the expense of your confidence and feelings. Second is to evaluate your body. What do you want to show off, to hide? Look for the lingerie that accents your positive areas, not the negative ones. Lastly, try lots of options. You can try different sets since not all styles will give you your desired appearance. Otherwise, there would be no other styles of lingerie if only one style is suited for every girl.

Some of the great lingerie choices are baby dolls, camisoles, corsets, teddies and so on. For a change, matching sets of undies would also be a good idea and can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

  • Matching sets with garter belts. Garter belts can give you a sexy appeal. It gives emphasis to your long legs. But if you are not that fortunate to have sexier legs, you can look for garter belts with nude colors, different texture and designs such as laces and beads.

Lingerie - Garterbelt

  • Matching sets with g-string. It is best worn by women who consider their bum as their asset. Boy leg undies are also perfect to emphasize your bum. You can opt for the boyleg-bra combination or boyleg-corset combination. Complete your look with a pair of high heels that can make your legs and butt look long, lean and more toned.

Lingerie - G-string

  • Bra and skirt sets. This combination is usually worn by women who are satisfied with their stomach and bust but are quite conscious with their thighs. Choose your bra depending on your boob size and cover your thigh with the free-flowing skirt. It’s all up to you on whether you want the attention be focused on your stomach or your boobs.

Lingerie - Bra and skirt set

Stylish Summer Hats for Summer 2014

Whatever you wear, don’t forget to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun. Applying sunblock when going out is a must. You can also use shades, scarf, umbrella and hats this summer for added sun protection. Here are some stylish summer hats to protect you and match with your outfits:

1. Sun hats with wide brims

Sun hat with wide brim
Sun hats with large or wide brims offer the best sun protection and more coverage since it provides enough shade to cover your face, neck and shoulders.

Lilly Pulitzer’s Summer Collection 2014

Keep enjoying the summer heat and lovely beaches especially that Lilly Pulitzer has lots of swimwear to offer! There are many products ranging from cover up to bikini tops and bottoms. Feast on these items or start shopping now!

1. Lois Tie Front Bandeau Bikini Top and Bottom

Lois Tie Front Bandeau Bikini Top and Bottom

Feel the summer spirit inside out with this two-piece printed swimsuit. It is made of nylon spandex material that will surely highlight your beach-babe figure. 

Handmade Summer Necklace for June 2014

Even if you’re ready for summer with your swimwear and sun dresses, you also have to consider your accessories. At times like this, handmade jewelry should be in your shopping list. They are easy to mix and match and do not get worn out easily.

1. Flower Statement Jewelry Bubble Necklace

Flower Statement Jewelry Bubble Necklace

Complete your summer outfit with this crystal rainbow neon necklace. This bid is a little bit chunky with colorful drop stones but is still lightweight. The floral theme is so perfect for your summer getaways.

2. Pearl Fashion Necklace

Pearl Fashion Necklace

Expect more dates this summer! If you feel like going out in a summer night with someone you love, pick a white lacy dress and complement it with this pearl fashion necklace. The pearl and chains can make you more gorgeous and glamorous.

3. Vintage Rose Bronze Necklace

Vintage Rose Bronze Necklace

Vintage jewelry is always in. This summer season, have a soft and dainty appeal with this vintage rose bronze necklace. The retro pink rose charm is so lovely that it exudes your freshness and brilliance.

4. Starfish Jewelry Flower Necklace

Starfish Jewelry Flower Necklace

Looking for a cute accessory for your beach party? Necklaces with sea creatures-theme would be fun! How about this starfish and jewelry flower necklace? Perfect match for your swimsuit, too!

5. Funky Gold Metal Inspired Necklace

Funky Gold Metal Inspired Necklace

Time to go metallic when hitting the clubs this summer! The funky acrylic pendants go with marbled gold and black rubberized round beads to have a slight shimmer.

You can shop these handmade items from etsy.com!

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