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Layering Tank Tops

The sleeveless style of tank tops enables one to enjoy the summer heat since it provides an adequate ventilation for such.

Learn how to mix and match tank tops!

a. Determine the length of the hem of the tops that you want to wear.
b. Choose tank tops with different hem lengths. The inner tank top should have a longer hem than the outer tank top’s hem. A higher neckline or a longer hem will prevent an inner tank top from being seen.
c. A men’s tank top can be worn underneath a women’s top. Tank tops that are one or two sizes bigger than the outer tank top can be worn as long as their difference in the hem does not exceed three inches.

a. Choose tank tops whose color complements each other. Try to wear inner and outer tank tops that are one or two shades lighter or darker than each other.
b. Never pick colors that clash with each other or those that are overpowering.

a. You have the power to choose the style you want to wear among these picks:
• Tank tops that have regular necklines under tank tops that have very low necklines
• Ladies’ tank top with a round neckline under a tank top with a V-shaped neckline
• Top with crossed straps at the back to go underneath with regular strapped tops
• Sleeveless top with wider straps underneath a top with thinner straps
b. Make sure to wear bandeau or bras that have very thin straps to avoid being exposed.

a. Pick one among these choices:
• Sheer tank tops over cotton tank tops
• Tank tops made of soft fabric rather than something with a regular texture
b. Avoid wearing tank tops with bulky fabrics since it makes someone look fat in it.

The Focal Point
a. Always choose which of the two tank tops you would want to emphasize or to focus on. Your chosen top will be your outer tank top. Afterwards, choose an inner tank top that will complement the other one.

Points to Remember
a. If not combined correctly, tank tops can make your wardrobe look off. Always bring out that creativity factor in you especially when mix matching some clothes.
b. Whether it is worn alone or layered, always make sure to wear your tops in style and elegance.

Selecting Tank Tops Which Suits You Best

Definition of Tank Tops
a. Tank tops are the common heat-climate garments within the United States.
b. Its sleeveless style enables one to enjoy the summer heat since it provides an adequate ventilation for such.
c. These set of stress-free clothes are available in different unique colors and designs.

History of Tank Tops
a. Tank tops can be very well traced since the Greek era.
b. In the 1800s, males wore bathing suits which resembles tank tops and then matched with a pair of shorts.

Tank Tops for Different Wears
a. Evening Wear
• Pair a dressier tank top with a pair of darkish denim boot cut and a pair of boots.
• Use silk tank tops when going out for a fancy dinner.
b. Informal, Exercise and Enterprise Wear
• Tank tops paired with a hoody or a layering shirt looks better when the climate is cooler.
• It can also be worn underneath a swimsuit or cardigan.
• Breathable tanks with mesh linings present a perfect choice when working out.
It wicks away moisture so you feel cool and refreshed all the time.
• Yoga and Pilates’ fans can use train tanks to assist and to keep them

Creating your Own Tank Tops
a. First step is to draw the blueprint of your custom tank top which can be done by hand or through the use of a computer graphic software.
b. Second, get your materials. Choose the right style and color that would exactly match the blueprint that you have created.
c. Lastly, find a shop or an outlet that would turn your designs into print. With the help of technology, your designs should be ready in less than an hour.

Points to Remember with Tank Tops
a. They are trendy and they never go out of style. The right mixing and matching of colors and designs can help one to attain a fashionable look.
b. Tank tops with beads or ruffles should not go with a lot of accessories anymore.
c. If the top is quite plain, add some look to it by pairing it with a bracelet or earrings.
d. Designing what you would like to wear is something which is effortless and easy to do. A cup of hard work, a spoonful of determination and a pinch of creativity makes mixing and matching a very simple thing to do.

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