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Top Handbags and Purses for Evening Dates

Some girls can’t go without handbags or purses when going on a date. Whether this is because of their makeup kit or to simply stay fashionable, there are cool selection for everyone.

To feel comfortable on your dinner dates, it is better to choose a handbag or purse that is easy to grip and goes well with your outfit.

Here are examples of handbags that can make you more stunning than a good evening:

1. Crochet In Touch Coral Pink Lace Clutch

Crochet In Touch Coral Pink Lace Clutch

This coral pink lace clutch is perfect if you are wearing girly outfits such as floral dress, lacy tops or shirred skirts. This gives you a sweeter and more delicate figure for the night.

2. Color Block Clutch

Color Block Clutch

Color blocking is a great fashion style. Dresses, bags and clutches come in different patterns, prints and styles. This one is a combination of beige and yellow colors for a more dainty appeal. Whether you are wearing a formal attire or that little black dress, this will be a good choice.

3. Trellis Lover Cream and Gold Clutch

Trellis Lover Cream and Gold Clutch

Fond of fairy-like or goddess-like outfits? Then grab this Trellis Lover Cream and Gold Clutch to complete your look. It is made of cream vegan leather with lovely-trellis like design. The golden metal lid is just too irresistibly stylish!

4. True Stud Studded Black Clutch

True Stud Studded Black Clutch

Simple but classy! This leather structured clutch has round golden studs all over it. It has also golden chain shoulder straps for flexibility purposes.

Image credit: lulus.com

How To Choose Your Kind Of Handbag

Every woman wants to dress themselves with trendy designs when it comes to their accessories like handbags, earrings, braes lets and other many more things. While doing so, they must see whether their choice is going well with their figure as well as personality or not. This is the most common mistake that is done by most of the women. This often happens as they go for the brand, design as well as style rather than noticing whether that will go with their body or not.

When you go for handbags the style, design, color and many such things are there, which are provided by the designer handbags which attracts you, so you get them. The disadvantage of buying such handbags is that, it spoils the beauty and gorgeousness of your outfit. So, for shining among other people purchasing designer handbags may not always be the right choice. Keeping the coordination and balance between your body and things that you wear are the most important point to be noticed. There are many women who know these basic things, but those who are not familiar, below few tips are given for their guidance:

  1. Selection of the right size of handbag: While purchasing handbags the most essential point that you need to keep in your mind is the selection of the right size of handbag. The benefit for selecting the right size is that it will be the one which will go perfect with your body.
  2. Picking of the suitable shape of handbag: Just after selecting the size, you need to select the shape of handbag. The best tip that you can follow regarding the shape of your handbag is just choose the one, which is opposite to your body size. For example, slim and tall women should go for rounded bag and on the other hand if you are of shorter physiques that go for the tall and rectangular shape of bags.
  3. Right selection of your handbag color: The color of your handbag depends on the color of your outfit. The best way of getting the handbag that matches your outfit is the colorful handbag.
  4. Selection of handbag according to occasion: Above all you need to look for the occasion for which you are getting the handbag as every occasion calls for different styles of handbags.

Now, as you can see that, there are so many things that you need to know while purchasing a handbag according to your type, so next time whenever to go for buying handbags just keep these point in your mind.

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