Stylish Summer Hats for Summer 2014

Whatever you wear, don’t forget to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun. Applying sunblock when going out is a must. You can also use shades, scarf, umbrella and hats this summer for added sun protection. Here are some stylish summer hats to protect you and match with your outfits:

1. Sun hats with wide brims

Sun hat with wide brim
Sun hats with large or wide brims offer the best sun protection and more coverage since it provides enough shade to cover your face, neck and shoulders.

2. Straw hats

Straw Hat
Straw hats are very light weight so it is comfortable to wear during summer. It keeps you feeling fresh and protected from the sun rays.

3. Fedora hats

Women's Fedora Hat
Fedora hats can be a stylish summer accessory. Fedora, cowboy hats and other hats usually used by men are now available for women too. They come in different colors and embellishment. Flowers, ribbons, scarf and other feminine details make these hats more fashionable.

4. Sun visor hats

Sun visor hat
This one is also very trendy aside from the fact that it is made of UV-resistant materials. Sun visor hats are available in different SPF rating.

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7 Responses to Stylish Summer Hats for Summer 2014

  1. I like the fedora hats! It’s sooo JT! 🙂

  2. I like the sun hat that you featured here, mostly because it comes in my favorite color. 🙂

  3. Lovelee Tan says:

    I prefer the fedora hats..though I don’t think they really like me! Maybe I’ll try it again on other days and hope to spot one that would really suit me. =)

  4. MrsMartinez says:

    I like straw hats it look elegant paired with a dress.


  5. Badet says:

    I don’t like wearing hats. If it’s really needed, I’ll have a baseball cap instead.

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