The Right Bracelet For You

To make your outfit more complete, and to make you stand out from the crowd, you would need to accessorize. Bracelets can be worn to achieve the look that you wanted. There More »

Shoe Basics: What Should Be In Your Closet?

Aside from diamonds, shoes are also girl’s best friend. Women should have different kinds of shoes for different occasions. It complements one’s getup, and can make or break one’s fashion statement. Most More »

You And Your Necklace

The first accessory that people would notice is the necklace. With just one look, it can speak a lot about your personality. Necklaces come in different styles, designs and lengths. Each style More »

The Right Earrings For Your Face Shape

Earrings is an essential accessory, and a must have for every outfit. They come in different sizes – whether it’s a small, pearl earring or a big, round dangling ones. They complement More »

Leather Jackets Are For Life

Leather Jacket - Ice Blue Lining

Leather jackets are for life, and not just for Christmas. They never go out of fashion and will always give you that warm comfortable feeling, every time you slip it on. Leather is so hard wearing and impervious to most normally occurring substances that jackets last longer and remain looking new, or comfortably lived in at least, than any other piece of clothing.

Fashion Perfume – The Right Scent for Her!

The sense of smell is one of the important senses for human. Every person have a distinct smell that have become a trademark, so even if your eyes is closed, you can determine a person by smelling them. Perfumes help to make a person’s scent more distinct and unique.

One of the popular gift items during holidays and special occasions are perfumes. Giving it as a gift make it more personalized, and leaves an impression that the gift was well thought out. It’s one of the luxurious gift that you can give your loved ones.

Fashion Perfume

Still hesitating to give it out? Here are some more reasons as to why perfumes are perfect as a gift.

• It is very personalized, and lets the recipient know that you like their scent. If you get your loved one their favorite scent or the one that they always use, it tells them that you like them just the way they are.
• You can give them options with their perfume collection by letting them try out a new scent just like roberto cavalli perfume..
• There are a variety of perfumes and scents that you can choose from. There are always a lot of options to choose, and all you have to do is pick the right perfume that suits your loved ones.
• Some perfumes come in set together with body lotion, shower gel, roll on and even soap. Some perfume brands even offer a set box or basket with different scents in it. You can give more to your loved ones at a lower cost.
• Perfume can be a romantic gift that you can give to your girlfriend or wife.
• Some perfumes have intricate designs on the bottle that gives it a luxurious look.

Some tips in choosing and buying a perfume as a gift:
• In choosing the scent, find out what the recipient it always using and what they prefer. This gives you a clue on what scent to buy to give to them. Once you are sure of what to buy or have an idea of something new to try, you may buy yves saint laurent perfume online.
• Always consider the age of the recipient. Young women would most likely to wear perfume with sweet and light scents such as floral, citrus, green and fruity. Older women tend to lean towards perfumes with strong and musky scents.
• It is also important to consider the lifestyle of the recipient. If the recipient is an extrovert and loves outdoor activities, green or oceanic scents would suit them. Floral scents can also be used for everyday activities.
• Try on the scent first before buying them, to see how it would smell on the person you’ll be giving it to.

Fashion Pieces to Wear During Rainy Days

It requires extra effort for people to dress up during rainy days. As a matter of fact, it might require other people to buy a whole new set of wardrobe in order to keep with this moist weather. While that remains to be true, some just cannot stop feeling gloomy together with the weather, so what better thing to do? No matter how wet, moist and gloomy the rainy days are, it can still be complimented with the way one dresses up.

Fashion Pieces to Wear during Rainy Days

Here are some options that can be considered to beat this season:

Stay Warm!

Since rain can make clothes become transparent when soaked long enough under it, it is advisable to wear dark-hued clothes. While that first point can always be prevented, wearing heavy kinds of fabric like wool and fur will definitely beat the cold. Hooded knitted sweaters and tops can also be worn to prevent feeling cold from neck up to the top of one’s head. Depending on their tolerance such feeling of coldness can also create headaches, so it is better to cover up as well.

Scarves can also be used as sources of warmth. It is very handy, and it can be easily tuck in ones’ collar without having to look in the mirror. Pashminas can also provide more twist in a wardrobe when worn with tight-fitting tops and pants. Not only can it come in different designs and prints, but its fabric can also be heavy enough to be the sole source of warmth in a wardrobe.

 Stay Dry!

Raincoats are always options during this season, but if one is not used to wearing these there are so many options to choose from. Protecting the feet from getting wet is always top priority, so leather or stylish rubber boots will always do the trick. These pair of footwear will always be a match to dark-hued skinny jeans, tights, leggings and even skirts. Not only do boots provide such a kick in ones’ wardrobe, but also does its job of providing warmth and dryness.

Umbrellas can never be forgotten during this season. There is a wide variety of umbrellas created to spice up the gloomy days: transparent, printed, jedi-looking laser swords, samurai-inspired umbrellas and so much more! Given that one would wear dark colors to suit the weather, investing in a vivid umbrella can brighten up this so-called depressing rainy day mood.

Almost everyone carries a bag even during the rainy days. So when carrying a bag, it is also best to invest in its durability especially in this season. Belongings needed to be safe in the rain, and it is a must that these bags are waterproof. As long as it can sustain the weather without having to worry about gadgets or papers inside it, the price should often be set aside. Besides, it is not year-round that rainy days persist. If kept properly and stored away neatly, it can always be used again just in time for what it is worth.

Bras: Inevitable Part of a Woman’s Closet

Undergarments such as bras, panties and hosiery form part of the so-called lingerie. It is usually purchased by women aged 15 to 40. The aforementioned undergarments are essential to a woman’s wardrobe. Without such, a woman would feel incomplete, literally and figuratively.

A bra, shorter term for “brassiere” is defined in the dictionary as an undergarment worn by women to support, cover and elevate their breasts. Aside from being an invisible part of a woman’s attire, it also helps one to shape and tone her body’s frame. Moreover, it is designed to provide comfort and fit to ladies’ breasts. The degree of which the bra frames the breasts varies between style, functionality, fashion and fabric. By making the proper choices in terms of styles and designs and choosing the right sizes, a girl can surely feel comfortable and sexy in wearing her very own bra.

Given all these technology advancements and the latest fashion trends, brassieres are surely not left behind. Most clothing lines and branded boutiques offer brassieres of different uses, styles, prices and types. The following are such:

Types of Bras

  • Adhesive bra

-This is the type of bra which is strapless and backless at the same time. It provides little support to the breasts and is of two types; the disposable paper ones and the reusable ones.

  • Bandeau bra

-It is a simple band of cloth worn over the breasts.

  • Bridal bra/Corset

-This type is designed for to fit and shape a woman’s wedding dress on her special day. It also inhibits good posture and provides comfort since the whole corset supports the breasts, not just the straps.

  • Built-in bra

-This bra is built inside another garment which is intended to support the bust perfectly without the need of a separate bra.

  • Convertible bra

-It is the most fashionable one among all other types. The strap can be attached or detached depending on how a girl would like to look.

  • Cupless bra

-A bra that is tagged as “erotic” lingerie since it exposes the nipples.

  • Demi bra

-A half-cup bra style designed to give great cleavage although it offers less support.

  • Front closure bra

-These are bras that have closures on the front rather than at the back.

  • Mastectomy bra

-The type intended for people who have lost a breast due to breast cancer.

  • Male bra

-Worn by men with gynecomastia to conceal their breasts.

  • Maternity bra

-Its purpose is to enable a woman’s breast to adjust and expand as it makes it way to pregnancy. There are lots of maternity bras available for women such as strapless maternity bras and underwire maternity bra.

Pretty Baby Pretty Baby Frivolous Maternity Bra

Pretty Baby Pretty Baby Frivolous Maternity Bra

  • Minimizer bra

-Benefit women who have a 34C and above size. It would compress their breasts to make it look smaller.

  • Nursing bra

-This aids mothers in breastfeeding their children since this is built with adjustable straps for easy access of babies to their nipples.

  • Push-up bra

-The type of bra that enhances one’s cleavage because it contains padding. The most popular type of this is the Wonderbra.

  • Sports bra

-Most recommended to athletic women due to he support it provides to them when undergoing vigorous exercises and strenuous activities.

  • Trainer bra

-Mostly worn by young girls who are still on the verge of developing their so-called “breasts”.

More types of brassieres are available in the market each one of them is designed for a specific purpose. But the thing is, anything you wear should not depend on how you look with it. You must be comfortable wearing that lingerie or any other clothing in the first place to be able to achieve maximum happiness.

Perfect Way To Choose Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklace adds a classic glamour to women who wears them. It simple yet elegant to look at and doesn’t go out of fashion. It can be worn to almost any type of outfit. It gives off that polish look when women want to look sophisticated. Wear them to any occasion you desire.

Perfect Way To Choose Pearl Necklace

Types of pearl necklaces

  • There are so many kinds of designs that can be made into collar, chokers, princess, matinee, opera or rope.
  • Collar pearl necklaces are between 10 to 13 inches long. It is beautifully worn for evening or casual occasions. It is flexible to be worn also from the office and to a party in one day.
  • Choker pearl necklaces are between to 16 to 18 inches perfect for a formal event. It fits gowns or cocktail dresses.
  • Princess pearl necklaces are from 17 to 20 inches long. It is the most popular type of necklace.
  • Matinee pearl necklaces are almost 20 to 24 inches long and suits business attire. Go to the office looking more professional.
  • Opera pearl necklaces are 28 to 34 inches that can be worn for parties. Gowns go well with this type of pearl necklaces.
  • Rope pearl necklaces are usually 45 inches or longer and go well with pantsuits.

Choose the perfect pearl necklace

  • Depending on your age and which occasion you go to is the type of pearl necklace you wear.
  • Consider the following when buying pearls: surface, color, luster and shape. Choose the ones that have the best characteristics.
  • There are white, white rose, cream, golden, black, silver or gray colored pearls.
  • Fair skinned women look best with light colored pearls. Darker toned women should wear black, silver or gray pearls.
  • To know if the pearl is real, use a lighter or match to burn it a little or scratch two pearls together. If there is no scratch or damage then it is not fake.
  • Go to trusted sellers or ask a friend who knows someone who is credible in terms of selling pearls to avoid getting ripped off.

Have fun wearing pearls and don’t be afraid to mix and match them with any outfits you wear everyday. Look polish and classy by having them in any style or color. Women look great when they wear one. Invest in good pearls that are long lasting and are pretty. It is admirable when women own one and wear them from time to time.

Fashionable Rainy Day Footwear

People walk around quite a lot and if it is the rainy season, it is quite a hassle to have your feet wet. Flooded streets, water puddles and rain can cause sickness. Prevent these scenarios by wearing fashionable rainy day footwear every day when you go for work.

Fashionable Rainy Day Footwear

Fashionable Rainy Day Footwear

Tips on rainy day footwear

  • Choose appropriate shoes for the rainy weather. There are different variations in the market that fits this weather conditions such as flats, heels, booths, pumps, clogs or rubbershoes. The best options are boots or rubbershoes since they are close.
  • Boots should have plastic, rubber or leather material. Water cannot penetrate these and they keep your feet warm too. Wear knee high or slightly lower than that so that it protects not only your feet but also your legs from the water. These perfectly go well with leggings.
  • Rubbershoes should have rubber, plastic or leather material also since cloth can still get wet even if it is close.
  • Another option is to wear plastic sandals that are water repellant. They are also made in rubber so they repel water.
  • Pick from flat to high heeled shoes. Try walking around with these on in the shoe stores to know which you are comfortable to wear everyday.
  • Choose soles that are not slippery to avoid encountering accidents when you commute. Also make sure they fit well to avoid getting blisters from using them daily.
  • Choose designs that are trendy. Buy animal prints, houndstooth or checkered. Select colorful or bright colors to liven up any day. Have them in styles that are unique. Buy shoes with accessories on them like studs, pins or chains so they are different from those in the shoes stores.
  • Purchase shoes that are in good quality and are comfortable enough for daily use. They don’t have to be so expensive. As long as they are sturdy and can last for a long time then those are the perfect choice.
  • Shoes should protect your feet and doesn’t make it ache when you use them for a long time. Find those that provide extra padding for your feet. There are also new technologies for shoes that have soles that massage the feet. These prevent pains and cramping.

Be trendy and fashionable with good shoes for the rainy season. You can still enjoy walking around in the city without having to worry about getting your feet wet and getting sick. There are so many choices available in different shoe stores that cater to any women’s taste. Be practical and purchase long lasting ones that are worth your budget.

Different Bra Styles for Different Outfits

Herminie Cadolle of France invented the first modern bra in 1889. It was a two-piece undergarment, which she originally called the corselet gorge. Cadolle’s garment has effectively cut the traditional corset in two parts. The lower part was a corset for the waist and the upper part supports the breasts using shoulder straps. Since the invention of modern bra, brassieres greatly evolved over the time.

Glamorise MagicLift All-Over Lace Bra

Glamorise MagicLift All-Over Lace Bra

The primary purpose of a bra is to enhance the wearer’s comfort and to give the breasts support. Today, there are different glamorise bras that are available to suit various outfits. Here are they:

Balconette Bras

This bra style is very suitable for any clothing and especially under low cut tops. It gives the breast area a more rounded shape. Many confuse balconette bras with the half cup bra. The difference between the two is that the former offer only half coverage of the breasts.

Full cup bras

The full cup bras are excellent for giving the breast the uplift and support. This type of bra is sometimes called a large cup bra. The difference between full cup bras and plus size bra is that the latter has a larger band size although not automatically a large cup size. The thick shoulder straps of the full cup bras are also placed closer to the neck.  This type of bra is excellent for everyday wear.

Adhesive Bra

An adhesive bra is the secret of women who like wearing light fabrics. Oftentimes, it is called as invisible bra. Generally, it is composed of bra cups with medical grade adhesive on one side. Adhesive bras can provide little support on the breasts, but, it helps to conceal the nipple and fill out the bust area.

Strapless bras

Strapless bras are very useful for outfits where you do not want to show your bra straps like a wedding gown or a simple summer dress tube. There are strapless bra styles that come with detachable straps. This means that you can remove and then attach the strap of the bra whenever and wherever.

Sports bras

For women who like sports and other gym activities, this is the perfect bra. It can be worn under a sports tee. It works by compressing the breast close to the ribcage for maximum hold and minimum movement. It also offers total coverage.

With so many types of glamorise bras out there, it is only necessary to choose the type of support that will fit your activities and lifestyle. Keeping different bra styles in your drawer is very convenient especially if you have to attend a very important party that you are not really prepared to go to. Not only that, even pregnant women can be more stylish these days with triumph mamabel maternity bra.

Fashionable Sunglasses for You

There is no better way to be fashionable and saving your eyes from the sun by using the right sunglasses! Gone are the days when all sunglasses did were screen our precious eyes from the harmful rays of the sun – since 1940’s sunglasses have become fashion must-haves as well. Different designer labels have started to cater to the needs of these fashionistas by providing them their very own styles of fashionable designer sunglasses as well and guess what? We’ve seen Hollywood celebrities rock them wherever they go.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Yes, there are the oversized ones, pieces with geometrical shapes and even futuristic designs – but do we know which categories they fall under? Do we know what types of sunglasses there are? Here’s a low-down on these:

Who hasn’t heard of aviator sunglasses? They are hugely popular nowadays to give its users a laid back, boho sort of vibe. It was introduced in the 1936 for some other reasons but it never missed the fashionistas eyes though. In the late 1960’s, young people chose to make it the hottest thing.

Now, talking about the oversized glasses worn by women, these are hugely popular during the 1960’s but can you believe that they were worn for humorous purposes? Today, they are hardly humorous – they are all but fashionable. They are the hottest things with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie which also serves as a mask to avoid paparazzi.

One of the most popular types of sunglasses hugely manufactured by the Rayban Company would be their classic wayfarers. These are sunglasses with trapezoidal lenses which are wider at the top than at the bottom originally manufactured in black frames but because fashion have been moving at a fast rate – -colored frames were introduced to the market.

Have you seen those sunglasses with perfect round shapes for frames and lenses? Well, they are categorized under the “Teashade” type or much known as the John Lennon shades. Tea has never gotten better than this! And they are enormously manufactured for aesthetic purposes – just to provide a different taste on an overall look. In the later years, elaborated styles have been manufactured by providing consumers with different colors, tints and sizes.

These are not the only types of sunglasses out there, but fashion-wise, they have been the most popular. Other types will soon emerge as we all know how fashion is and we just can’t help but embrace them. And the good news is, it’s now easier to find stylish and cheap sunglasses these days!

The Right Bracelet For You

To make your outfit more complete, and to make you stand out from the crowd, you would need to accessorize. Bracelets can be worn to achieve the look that you wanted. There are different styles of bracelets that you can choose from – from beaded to traditional jewelry bracelets.

As a rule of thumb in most accessories, to decide which bracelet to wear, you need to consider what your outfit will be. For special events that will need you to be more formal, elegant yet subtle designs and colors would suit your classy look. Every day casual look can be matched with simple designed bracelets.

There are different kinds of bracelets available in the market. Each kind can range from elegant and classic, to chic and simple. They can have wild designs, others come in contemporary designs.

Beaded bracelets are common types of accessories that are worn by many. They can have elastic string wire, or chain metals with clasps on it. The beads on it are made with crystals, glass or semi-precious stones.

Charm bracelet can be made with metals or gemstones. Charms, which are small decorative pendants that come in deferent shapes and colors, are usually attached and lick to the bracelet. Young girls and women usually wear this type of bracelet, and usually reflects one’s interests.

Bangles are bracelets that are circular in shape. They are usually loose, and can easily be worn. Some bangles can be open at one side, while others does not have any opening. Multiple bangles can be worn at the same time, and can be mixed and matched with other bangles.

Colorful Bangles

Shimmering Bangles!

Tennis bracelet, also known as diamond line bracelet, is a classic accessory, usually worn during formal events. It is made of precious metals and stones such as diamonds and pearls. Depending on its style or size, the tennis bracelet can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

When choosing the right bracelet, consider not only the outfit, but your size as well. For people with thin wrists, thin bracelets such as bangles will look good on them. For those who have thick wrists, wide bracelets will suit them more.

It’s not that hard to choose the right bracelet for you. Choose the accessory that can speak more about your personality. Most importantly, always consider its style and comfort. Remember, the right accessory can help you stand out, and can boost your confidence even more.

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Shoe Basics: What Should Be In Your Closet?

Aside from diamonds, shoes are also girl’s best friend. Women should have different kinds of shoes for different occasions. It complements one’s getup, and can make or break one’s fashion statement.

Most girls have a stock pile of shoes on their closets, reserved for special occasions or for everyday use. Some women tend to buy a lot of shoes to complement the clothes on their wardrobe. So what are the must have shoes that a woman should have? Here’s the list of shoes that needs to be in your closet.

Fashionable Shoes


It doesn’t matter if it’s a basic black pump or a red stiletto, a woman should have a pair of two of heels. This is perfect for every day work, for special occasions like weddings and birthday parties, or meeting up with clients. Heels can make your legs look longer, leaner and sexier.


Your feet need to rest from time to time, especially when you always wear closed shoes. Sandals are very comfortable to wear, especially during hot summer days. They look good on shorts, jeans or skirts.

Sneakers and Running Shoes

If you are sporty type of girl and usually hits the gym, you must have a pair of running shoes in your closet. Running Shoes are not only for sports activities. You can also wear it with your simple shirt and jeans. Sneakers are good to wear if you just want to chill out, or if you need to do chores like shopping. They are comfortable to wear, especially when you are on the go.


Boots are worn during cold seasons, as they make your feet and leg warm. They vary in length -from ankle-length up to thigh-high boots. Boots can be best worn with skinny jeans or short dresses.


Not everyone likes wearing heels. Some are more comfortable wearing flats, or ballerina shoes. These shoes are much comfortable and makes you feel feminine even without the heels. Flats can almost be worn with everything – from frilly dresses up to your favorite jeans.

These are the basic shoes that you must have in your closet. Remember, in getting the shoes you like, always put into consideration your comfort in wearing them. You wouldn’t want to buy a shoe, and let it sit in your closet because you can’t wear them. Also consider its color and design. It should match what you would be wearing from your wardrobe. From then, you can mix and match your shoes with what you have in your closet.

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