Etsy Shop: When Decades Collide

Featured in the In Spotlight newsletter, When Decades Collide is truly worth checking out.

Here are some vintage items you’d love to have:

1. Vintage Pleather Clutch

Vintage Pleather Clutch

Rock your evening dates with this 1960s pleather clutch. It has red and green embossed geometric design with a very fine texture. The closure is made of plastic with floral prints.

2. Brown Beaded Woven Drawstring Purse w/ Lucite Bottom

Brown Beaded Woven Drawstring Purse

Whether it is summer or winter, this woven drawstring purse won’t go outdated. Ideal for lightweight items so you don’t have to hand-carry them.

3. Vintage Leather Purse

Vintage Leather Purse

Here comes your vanity bag! Put in all your accessories and makeup and you’re good to go. It has an inside mirror, a button snap closure, and colorful speckles (red, black, white speckles) on leather.

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