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Fashionable Rainy Day Footwear

People walk around quite a lot and if it is the rainy season, it is quite a hassle to have your feet wet. Flooded streets, water puddles and rain can cause sickness. Prevent these scenarios by wearing fashionable rainy day footwear every day when you go for work.

Fashionable Rainy Day Footwear

Fashionable Rainy Day Footwear

Tips on rainy day footwear

  • Choose appropriate shoes for the rainy weather. There are different variations in the market that fits this weather conditions such as flats, heels, booths, pumps, clogs or rubbershoes. The best options are boots or rubbershoes since they are close.
  • Boots should have plastic, rubber or leather material. Water cannot penetrate these and they keep your feet warm too. Wear knee high or slightly lower than that so that it protects not only your feet but also your legs from the water. These perfectly go well with leggings.
  • Rubbershoes should have rubber, plastic or leather material also since cloth can still get wet even if it is close.
  • Another option is to wear plastic sandals that are water repellant. They are also made in rubber so they repel water.
  • Pick from flat to high heeled shoes. Try walking around with these on in the shoe stores to know which you are comfortable to wear everyday.
  • Choose soles that are not slippery to avoid encountering accidents when you commute. Also make sure they fit well to avoid getting blisters from using them daily.
  • Choose designs that are trendy. Buy animal prints, houndstooth or checkered. Select colorful or bright colors to liven up any day. Have them in styles that are unique. Buy shoes with accessories on them like studs, pins or chains so they are different from those in the shoes stores.
  • Purchase shoes that are in good quality and are comfortable enough for daily use. They don’t have to be so expensive. As long as they are sturdy and can last for a long time then those are the perfect choice.
  • Shoes should protect your feet and doesn’t make it ache when you use them for a long time. Find those that provide extra padding for your feet. There are also new technologies for shoes that have soles that massage the feet. These prevent pains and cramping.

Be trendy and fashionable with good shoes for the rainy season. You can still enjoy walking around in the city without having to worry about getting your feet wet and getting sick. There are so many choices available in different shoe stores that cater to any women’s taste. Be practical and purchase long lasting ones that are worth your budget.

Shoe Basics: What Should Be In Your Closet?

Aside from diamonds, shoes are also girl’s best friend. Women should have different kinds of shoes for different occasions. It complements one’s getup, and can make or break one’s fashion statement.

Most girls have a stock pile of shoes on their closets, reserved for special occasions or for everyday use. Some women tend to buy a lot of shoes to complement the clothes on their wardrobe. So what are the must have shoes that a woman should have? Here’s the list of shoes that needs to be in your closet.

Fashionable Shoes


It doesn’t matter if it’s a basic black pump or a red stiletto, a woman should have a pair of two of heels. This is perfect for every day work, for special occasions like weddings and birthday parties, or meeting up with clients. Heels can make your legs look longer, leaner and sexier.


Your feet need to rest from time to time, especially when you always wear closed shoes. Sandals are very comfortable to wear, especially during hot summer days. They look good on shorts, jeans or skirts.

Sneakers and Running Shoes

If you are sporty type of girl and usually hits the gym, you must have a pair of running shoes in your closet. Running Shoes are not only for sports activities. You can also wear it with your simple shirt and jeans. Sneakers are good to wear if you just want to chill out, or if you need to do chores like shopping. They are comfortable to wear, especially when you are on the go.


Boots are worn during cold seasons, as they make your feet and leg warm. They vary in length -from ankle-length up to thigh-high boots. Boots can be best worn with skinny jeans or short dresses.


Not everyone likes wearing heels. Some are more comfortable wearing flats, or ballerina shoes. These shoes are much comfortable and makes you feel feminine even without the heels. Flats can almost be worn with everything – from frilly dresses up to your favorite jeans.

These are the basic shoes that you must have in your closet. Remember, in getting the shoes you like, always put into consideration your comfort in wearing them. You wouldn’t want to buy a shoe, and let it sit in your closet because you can’t wear them. Also consider its color and design. It should match what you would be wearing from your wardrobe. From then, you can mix and match your shoes with what you have in your closet.

Men’s Shoes for Different Occasions

Usually, people dressed themselves with designer dresses as well as costly accessories, but sometimes they forgot to notice their shoes. Here, you will come to know about the type of shoes that you should wear depending upon your outfit and occasion. The three basic things that you need to consider while purchasing shoes are: style, color and comfort. Apart from these three, price is also a consideration.

Men's Shoes

It is very important to maintain a balance between the style and comfort. Below five types of shoes are listed depending upon the style as well as comfort:

  1. Kenneth Cole’s Work Shoes: These shoes are black in color and made up of leather. Sturdy lining as well as slip-resistant soles are the features that are given in these shoes. These shoes are best used while working as it includes lace-up oxfords and high shine. These are the most versatile and classic shoes. It goes best with black, gray or navy outfits along with shiny black belt. It is manufactured by Reaction Kenneth Cole.
  2. Kenneth Cole’s Summer Shoes: These are also manufactured by Reaction Kenneth Cole and for making it they use suede a slip-resistant sole as well as a slip-resistant sole. These shoes do not need much maintenance. They are very comfortable and go best with drawstring linen trousers along with a white button-down open-collar shirt. The best time for wearing such shoes is the summer; they are ideal one for summers.
  3. Regular Shoes by Kenneth Cole’s Hike: These can be worn regularly as they are very comfortable and classic. They are also the products of Reaction Kenneth Cole. Leather is used for manufacturing such shoes to provide comfort while walking. You can wear them with cargos, jeans or any cool pair.
  4. 4.      Steve Madden’s Swagg brand new summer shoes: These are available in light gray, white and black colors. It is made up of quality leather and best for summer. Sturdy rubber soles, side patch design with upper closing split are the features that are added in them. It can be described as the comfortable and classy shoes that you can wear with trendy designer jeans or cargos.
  5. 5.      New Balance’s Sneakers Sporty Shoes: These are the ideal one for gym as they are terrain running shoes with the features such as stylish, lightweight and durability. For maximum shock absorption it has forefoot cushioning as well as ABZORB® heel. It goes best with blue jeans and a white T-shirt.

 As there are so many varieties, choose the one that perfectly matches the occasion and increase your personality.

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