Bras: Inevitable Part of a Woman’s Closet

Undergarments such as bras, panties and hosiery form part of the so-called lingerie. It is usually purchased by women aged 15 to 40. The aforementioned undergarments are essential to a woman’s wardrobe. Without such, a woman would feel incomplete, literally and figuratively.

A bra, shorter term for “brassiere” is defined in the dictionary as an undergarment worn by women to support, cover and elevate their breasts. Aside from being an invisible part of a woman’s attire, it also helps one to shape and tone her body’s frame. Moreover, it is designed to provide comfort and fit to ladies’ breasts. The degree of which the bra frames the breasts varies between style, functionality, fashion and fabric. By making the proper choices in terms of styles and designs and choosing the right sizes, a girl can surely feel comfortable and sexy in wearing her very own bra.

Given all these technology advancements and the latest fashion trends, brassieres are surely not left behind. Most clothing lines and branded boutiques offer brassieres of different uses, styles, prices and types. The following are such:

Types of Bras

  • Adhesive bra

-This is the type of bra which is strapless and backless at the same time. It provides little support to the breasts and is of two types; the disposable paper ones and the reusable ones.

  • Bandeau bra

-It is a simple band of cloth worn over the breasts.

  • Bridal bra/Corset

-This type is designed for to fit and shape a woman’s wedding dress on her special day. It also inhibits good posture and provides comfort since the whole corset supports the breasts, not just the straps.

  • Built-in bra

-This bra is built inside another garment which is intended to support the bust perfectly without the need of a separate bra.

  • Convertible bra

-It is the most fashionable one among all other types. The strap can be attached or detached depending on how a girl would like to look.

  • Cupless bra

-A bra that is tagged as “erotic” lingerie since it exposes the nipples.

  • Demi bra

-A half-cup bra style designed to give great cleavage although it offers less support.

  • Front closure bra

-These are bras that have closures on the front rather than at the back.

  • Mastectomy bra

-The type intended for people who have lost a breast due to breast cancer.

  • Male bra

-Worn by men with gynecomastia to conceal their breasts.

  • Maternity bra

-Its purpose is to enable a woman’s breast to adjust and expand as it makes it way to pregnancy. There are lots of maternity bras available for women such as strapless maternity bras and underwire maternity bra.

Pretty Baby Pretty Baby Frivolous Maternity Bra

Pretty Baby Pretty Baby Frivolous Maternity Bra

  • Minimizer bra

-Benefit women who have a 34C and above size. It would compress their breasts to make it look smaller.

  • Nursing bra

-This aids mothers in breastfeeding their children since this is built with adjustable straps for easy access of babies to their nipples.

  • Push-up bra

-The type of bra that enhances one’s cleavage because it contains padding. The most popular type of this is the Wonderbra.

  • Sports bra

-Most recommended to athletic women due to he support it provides to them when undergoing vigorous exercises and strenuous activities.

  • Trainer bra

-Mostly worn by young girls who are still on the verge of developing their so-called “breasts”.

More types of brassieres are available in the market each one of them is designed for a specific purpose. But the thing is, anything you wear should not depend on how you look with it. You must be comfortable wearing that lingerie or any other clothing in the first place to be able to achieve maximum happiness.

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  1. Aileen says:

    Wow thanks for this post! I actually remember that I had this goal once to buy bras for myself–all of the kinds of bras. :))) So far I only have a few of those types tho

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